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  Latitude N 50° 15' 54"    Longitude W 03° 47' 13"     Elevation 10 m

collapit weather has been recording the weather in this particular corner of South Devon since October 2013.

Originally, the weather station used was the highly regarded Davis Vantage Vue but in the short period it was in use the anemometer failed to consistently broadcast the wind speed on two occasions and on the second the service agents advised purchase of a replacement. Research then showed that this is a not uncommon problem and so a different station has been bought as a replacement.

The station in use since 10 October 2016 is an Aercus Weather Sleuth, a far cheaper piece of kit. The after sales service of the UK distributor, Greenfrog Scientific has been found to be outstanding.

The station now broadcasts 24/7, not just only when my computer is switched on.

Changes to this site have had to be made in consequence of the change in hardware. The 'live' dials have been a casualty and all-time historic record highs and lows are not so easily found (you now how have to define dates on the history page).

On the other hand, the new station now provides solar radiation and UV index readings and there are radar and satellite maps. Much historical data is available as well as an animated wind flow map and forecast from

'Live' information, graphs and more historic data since October 2013 may be found on Weather Underground by clicking on the WU logo.

There are Weather Underground apps for smartphones and tablets on which collapit weather data may be viewed. There's also PWS Monitor for iOS and Wunderoid for Android. In all cases you need to enter the station ID which is IUNITEDK4.

Thank you for visiting collapit weather.